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The WINTERBLADE FACTOR is a knife of many firsts…

– It’s the first-ever folding knife to feature a fully locking magnet-driven lock - the “M-Lock” - for a super tight lock up and ultra smooth action.

– It’s the first-ever folding knife to feature a magnetic detent system (instead of a ball detent or similar), again enhancing the FACTOR’s smooth action, and also preventing bounce-out or bounce-back when the blade swings shut.

– The FACTOR also features an exclusive opening mechanism that we call the “flip lever.” The flip lever utilizes clever geometry instead of springs to assist in deploying the blade, meaning the blade is not under tension when closed. Actuation via the flip lever is “manual” instead of “automatic” in the sense that finger pressure must be applied against the flip lever to deploy the blade…

We designed the first flip lever prototype to work on a Spyderco Tenacious in 2019, and this is what led to the eventual development of the FACTOR. So in a very real sense, the FACTOR was built around its flip lever actuation - and of course, magnetics!

Other FACTOR features include:

– DOUBLE, shouldered blade stop pins
– Deep carry milled titanium pocket clip
– Titanium show-side scale
– Carbon fiber clip-side scale
– M390 blade - extra thin behind the edge for superior slicing
– Semi gloss / satin blade finish w/ full flat grind
– G10 pivot inlay, lock inlay, and flip lever
– Stonewashed or sandblasted finish options
– Flip lever slot to house 3mm x 22.5mm sized TRITIUM (light) vials
– Chamfered edges, including the blade window, for maximum comfort
– Ambidextrous flip lever actuation & reversible pocket clip
– Ambidextrous lock (the FACTOR’s ‘M-Lock’ works well for righties and lefties alike - it’s easy to unlock from either side)
– Captured “D” pivot with thrust bearings (and reversible for lefties)
– Auto blade centering
– Large, chamfered finger choil

FACTOR specs are as follows:

– Overall blade length: 3.0”
– Blade edge length: 2.5”
– Handle length: 4.25”
– Overall knife length: 7.125”
– Max width when open: 1.313”
– Max width when closed: 1.625”
– Thickness: .375”
– Weight: 3.2 oz.

OEM / Manufacturing Partner: Bestech

By purchasing a FACTOR you’re not just purchasing a knife; you’re purchasing “a slice of knife history.” We guarantee this will be an excellent piece whether for your collection, or for daily carry.

Order your FACTOR B2 today!

Click here to download the FACTOR INFO SHEET for more information.


Q. Is the FACTOR considered automatic, or manual?
A. By U.S. law the FACTOR is NON automatic; it's purely manual.

Q. How long do the FACTOR'S magnets last?
A. The FACTOR uses N52 grade neodymium magnets that hold power for 100+ years!