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IMPORTANT NOTE: Before purchasing this blade, please CLICK HERE to watch our Factor B3 disassembly video to see if this is something you are ready to tackle. Even if you’re experienced with dis/assembling pocket knives, the Factor is a bit of a different beast because you’re dealing with magnets. So again, please make sure to watch the video to see what you think - before making your purchase. 🙂


This gorgeous, satin finished Magnacut FACTOR B3 blade will also fit the FACTOR B1 and B2.

The HRC (hardness rating) is 61-63, which is in the recommended range according to the official Crucible Industries data sheet.

Click the “ADD TO CART” button to upgrade your Factor to Magnacut steel!

P.S. This blade is guaranteed to slice through butter…like butter! (...Because it’s butter.)

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